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Would you like a successful career at sea? We can help you achieve that with our marine training and SRCW courses that we offer. Come and attend a school that is accredited by the South African Maritime Authority and achieve excellence.

Welcome to Unicorn Shipping. We are an accredited marine training school that offers participants the chance to have a career at sea. We are based in Durban on the east coast of South Africa and have been offering marine training such as SRCW courses since 1975. We have been offering this training for both seafarers and personnel for shore based sectors of trade. The school is not restricted by the prospectus and courses can be tailor-made to suit requirements. The co-ordination centre at the school takes bookings and arranges a variety of courses at various other training institutions such as GMDSS. Within our marine training courses, we teach things such as marine safety. Having a career at sea can be exhilarating, but the sea can also be quite dangerous. We offer marine safety training within our marine training to ensure that you are prepared for whatever you may encounter as you pursue your career at sea.

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Unicorn Shipping
A Division of Grindrod Shipping SA (Pty) Ltd
P.O. Box 29031 , Maydon Wharf , 4057

Tel: +27 (31) 274 4770 | Fax: +27 (31) 205 5578 | Email:

We offer you marine safety training within the marine training courses that we offer you. We also have some of the most highly qualified marine consultants that will help you every step of the way on your path to a career at sea.

Due to our numerous decades within this field and our highly trained marine consultants, we are more than equipped to help you achieve the excellence you will require to have a successful career at sea. Unicorn Shipping is accredited by the South African Maritime Authority (SAMSA). To be accredited by the South African Maritime Authority, you need to meet a few requirements. Some of which are that you have to have marine consultants that are correctly qualified, you need to have the right equipment and premises for marine training to take place and all marine consultants need to be properly qualified to teach marine safety courses. We have comfortably met all the requirements needed for us to receive accreditation from the South African Maritime Authority and we continue to offer excellence in the teaching that we offer.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries that you may have regarding any of the marine training that we offer you or simply having a career at sea.

Tel: (031) 274 4770